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As you can imagine, we get asked quite a few questions about our tents and products. To save you some time we collated these along with our answers to help with any queries you may have. If your question is not included here, please drop us an email to info@cinchpopuptents.com

It certainly is! One of the problems with disposable pop up tents is that they’re quite flimsy and prone to leak in the rain. The Cinch has a Hydrostatic Head (HH) rating of 4000, four times the industry standard for waterproofing. It isn’t just the HH rating that keeps a tent waterproof though and so we’ve equipped the Cinch with double-taped heat-sealed seams and an extra-thick bathtub-style groundsheet (with a HH rating of 12000!). Unlike most pop-up tents the Cinch is also double-skinned, meaning that there are two layers of fabric between you and the outside world. When the rain comes this means that the outer layer doesn’t have to contend with any condensation coming from inside the tent and this really helps keep everything nice and dry.

A couple of years ago a customer wrote to us to tell us they had taken the tent to the base campsite of Ben Nevis. A storm hit in the night and outside, amidst the howling of the wind, they heard the howling of people as their tents collapsed or were whipped off the ground. Emerging, in the morning, they saw a chaos of tents and poles: the Cinch among the last tents standing. This was before we added extra pegging points along the base. Combine these points with the guy ropes and you can really fasten the Cinch to the ground and get ready for the worst the wind has to throw at you.

Pop up tents huh? Everyone has a story of being bested by a pop up – the primitive noises, the incandescent rage. Stuffed into the boot of the car and taken home to be burned for all time and ever. Here end those stories. There’s definitely a knack to putting ours down but once you’ve got it it’s a (ahem) Cinch! We’ve even added a little wiggle room in the bag so you don’t have to Hulk Hogan it back in and we’re with you all the way with videos and instructions. Before you take the Cinch out on its first voyage we strongly recommend you watch these two videos. Firstly, check out our Dannielle from Australia doing it in one take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm7pvarIZhw

And then take a look at competition (and all round) winner Kimberley doing it here:  https://youtu.be/8dDfHZ_HK9U If Kimberley can do it, you can do it. Not that Kimberley is any regular klutz just, well, she’s eight years old. We recommend you practice a couple of times at home too, to make sure you’ve got it.

Indeed there is – the Cinch comes with a fully sewn in, extra-thick bathtub-style groundsheet with a HH rating of 12000.

Yes, the inner tent has full mosquito netting so you can sleep safely and not get bitten to death by the little blighters.

The four-man can accommodate a king size mattress, so probably. That said, we recommend that you check the size of your mattress(es) against the size of the living space in the tents.

2 Man – 210 x 180 cm
3 Man – 220 x 200 cm
4 Man – 260 x 240 cm

Or if you’d like us to check it for you, drop us a line at ben@cinchpoptents.com

Well, that depends how tall you are. Pop Up Tents in general aren’t necessarily designed for campers to stand up in, however our tents are very spacious and have plenty of head room. Below are the height sizes for each of the tents. Depending on your height, you may be able to stand in the four man. 

2 Man – 1.15m
3 Man – 1.2m
4 Man – 1.6m

When the tents are fully packed, their approximate weights are:
2 Man – 7kg approx
3 Man – 8kg approx
4 Man – 11Kg approx

The approximate diameters are:
2 Man – 85cm approx
3 Man – 95cm approx
4 Man – 110cm approx

As many as you need. There are 20 guy lines available on the tent, so if there’s no wind, just peg the tent base and you’re ready to go. We advise that you peg the guy lines out according to the weather: if it’s windy, you can peg out all 20 guy lines to really stabilise your tent

A ‘four season’ or ‘winter’ tent is a tent that is prepared to tackle heavy snowfalls and wind and this is typically achieved with an extra-rigid exoskeleton and steeply angled sides. The things that allow these tents to cope in extreme conditions also make the tent a lot bulkier and heavier and this isn’t the way we’ve gone with our design. However, whilst we’d only recommend specialist equipment in truly extreme conditions, the Cinch is equipped for some really bad weather – with a HH rating of 4000, double taped seams, an extra-thick bathtub style groundsheet, extra pegging points and guy ropes galore it’s ready for all but the very worst stuff. Note also that a four season tent doesn’t provide especial protection against cold weather – most of your warmth comes from other equipment like your sleeping bag, your mat and your clothing.  

Though we totally recommend the Solar Power Pack, some people would rather camp without it and so we sell the two separately.

The extended canopy is compatible with either entrance to the tent, which means you can choose which end to set up in. Though you’re free to add an extended canopy to both ends of the tent, we only really recommend having one because you’ll struggle to use the solar power pack and you’ll cover a few too many of the guy lines.

These new add-ons can be used with older models of the Cinch but they won’t integrate as neatly as they do with the latest batch. We’re working on universal add-ons, which will be fully compatible with all models of the tent and we suggest you wait for these.

Not at the moment – for now we’re staying internet based because it allows us to get the tent out to the whole world and keeps our prices down. Don’t worry though: soon there will be so many Cinches out there you’ll be able to look at an aunt’s.

Possibly not! Our customers’ ideas have informed the design process at every stage and we love to hear (and sometimes act on) your ideas. Send them in to ben@cinchpopuptents.com

Not at the moment – the camouflage skin was one of the goals we set in our last kickstarter campaign and we just missed it. It’s proving quite a popular idea though and we’ll definitely look to roll it out in the future. However, if you’re planning to hang on for the camo you might be hanging on for a good while.

Absolutely. Though the Cinch is a hardy beast, mother nature is even hardier and there are going to be times when you need to fix a tear or a broken pole. We’ve included a great repair kit with the tent, including seaming and ferrules to patch a pole. If the job is too big for you to do yourself then drop us a line and we’ll do everything we can to help.

No. Dishonest and/or badly conceived ventures are dangerous. Kickstarter and indiegogo are primarily a marketplace for bright ideas like ours – they allow you to get involved with great, innovative products before they’re on the market – but they’re also home to some less than bright ideas and there have been cases where projects haven’t been completed and people have lost money. To put this in perspective, Amazon and eBay also suffer from vendors whose products are faulty or don’t arrive or are pirated or copied from elsewhere – they’re still great sites, you just have to exercise a little caution. We’ve delivered on every project we’ve begun, have sent tents out to thousands of people around the world and are, generally speaking, a very lovely company.

Not at the moment. However, we’re looking to open up some options for this in the future and we’ll keep you posted.

This is entirely up to you and how you envisage your trip. The weight and bulk of your equipment can be paramount to your packing concerns and we recommend that you take some time to envisage how you might incorporate the Cinch into your setup, the weight you think you’re capable of carrying comfortably and whether the rewards the tent offers are worth the extra weight (they are). Customers who have managed to fit the Cinch into their pack (or their group’s pack) say that it pays back in comfort, features and convenience. We’ll have a feature on bicycle touring in the next few weeks – keep your eyes on the blog section.

Absolutely. If you can fit the tent onto your hog then the Cinch will give you more tour time, a good night’s sleep and a whole bunch of envious looks.

We actually have an Australian sister, whom you can visit here: https://www.cinchpopuptents.com.au

Though we might move into partnerships in the future, we’re not currently on the look out for affiliates. However, if you’re interested drop us a line and tell us all about you and your business. The more we know, the better placed we’ll be to contact you in the future.

Unfortunately, as a small company, we’re at the mercy of search engine returns and that means we have to market our products using the industry’s accepted terminology. We definitely think it’s time for a change though and we’ll be looking to become more person-able as we become better known.

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