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You're awesome!

Thanks for updating your profile. As promised, here's a sneak peak at some of the features in our new 2017 model Cinch! pop-up tent.

Hover over the image and use the left and right arrows to move between pictures – there are six in total. Scroll below the image for descriptions.

Cinch 2017: new features

Image 1 & 2 – Extended canopy: This attachable canopy extends your living space by 75%, and fits all kinds of camping furniture and equipment.

Image 3 – Heat-regulating black out canopy: This attachable cover is made from a highly-reflective material that reflects heat rather than absorbs it, to keep your tent cool.

Image 4 & 5 – Solar power pack: We've upgraded our solar power pack to include a 13,000 mA-h power bank that stores enough juice to charge your smartphone six times. The new power bank also has two USB outputs so you can power two gadgets at the same time.

Image 6 – Mirror: We've added an attachable mirror to help you keep the mud off your face – or indeed use USB straighteners (sold separately) like the lovely lady in this picture.

Thanks again! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more sneak peaks.


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